Members of the CRPT have varied interests and skills that they bring to the team. Our personal interests complement each other to form a unique blend that broadens the capacity of the entire team. With specialties ranging from photography to history to research, members of the CRPT work together to provide the client with an end result that answers their questions and helps them to understand their experiences.

NOTE - Our core investigative team includes members who worked together before the CRPT was formed and were integral figures in the CRPT becoming a reality. This designation does not imply a different level of expertise from any other investigator.

Karen Borusiewicz - Co-founder

Karen began hunting ghosts after taking a class on paranormal investigating in 2008. Always interested in the possibility of life after death, this was the start of her quest to try to prove or disprove the existence of spirits. Karen loves technology and always wants to be "the first kid on the block" with new equipment.
"The best part about paranormal investigation is working with people - my own team , fellow investigators, and our clients. Having the opportunity to help people understand and become comfortable with the experiences in their lives is a real gift. And when you get a piece of evidence that just might prove life after death... what a thrill!

Gary Borusiewicz - Co-founder

Gary's interest in ghost hunting began looking over his wife's shoulder at her photographs from investigations. Amazed at what was captured on film, Gary started from scratch learning to use the camera and computer!
Although Karen and Gary moved to North Carolina late in 2012 they continue to be a source of inspiration, guidance and support.



Although Karen and Gary moved to North Carolina in December 0f 2012. They still  are an invaluable source of support, guidance and information to CRPT.

Rich Rozell - Lead Investigator
Core Team , Evidence Analyst, Researcher

Hi! My name is Rich Rozell and in real life (lol) I am a Case Manager in a Juvenile Justice facility.  In the past I have sold advertising and worked for many years as a Paramedic having the opportunity to run a Paramedic Program and work as a Flight Medic.
I got in the Paranormal field quite by accident…friends of mine were taking a class on Ghost Hunting and my wife and I decided to attend. The result was that here I am seven years later Lead Investigator to one of the best teams in the state and have the pleasure and honor to be a member of the Ghost Detectives cast.

Angel Rozell
Core Team, Investigator, Photographer

Angel is an investigative generalist with skill working with all types of equipment. She has a quiet way working with spirits and a level of sensitivity that seems to attract entities and aid in capturing evidence. In fact, spirits seem so fascinated by her  that we frequently capture EVP and EVP files with the word/name "angel" clearly identified. Angel, when not occupied with CRPT is kept bus as a member of the Ghost Detective Cast.

Ilyse Hope Sacks
Core Team, Investigator, Photographer

se's background in the human services field provides a wonderful interface for working with clients. She has a level of sensitivity that keeps her in tune with what is happening within the investigative site as well with the client.



Donna Mulkusky
Core Team, Investigator

Donna and Karen have investigated together since the beginning in 2008. Donna's openness to the realm of spirit seems evident as she is often the one who has personal experiences on an investigation - those that you can validate with other evidence such as temperature or EMF change! Donna is sadly missed as part of the active team but she is ALWAYS a member of CRPT! 


 Megan Lunger
Core Team, Investigator, Photographer  

Megan has been  a member of the team since she was a young teenager.  In fact  she is the only Junior Member CRPT has ever had.  Megan's enthusiasm often seems to captivate the spirits and she will often get responses when other investigators come up empty. On top of that, she is great with a camera and recorder! Although she is presently busy with college, but when there is always a spot on an investigation for this talented intelligent young lady.

Steve Klinger
Core Team, Investigator, Historian

Steve is adept with all equipment and is a great investigator. The icing on the cake with Steve is his avid interest in history and "off the top of your head" knowledge about the area where we investigate. Not to mention his artistic talent and creativity!

Lisa Lunger
Core Team, Investigator, Photographer  

Lisa brings a lot of skill and a lot of heart to the team. She is not only a skilled investigator but she is a person you can count on for help with any project. Lisa also serves as the group's liaison for commercial hunts for locations such as Fort Mifflin!


Joe Towey
Tech Manager/Field Investigator

My name is Joe and I joined the team after meeting Rich Rozell at our place of employment. We are both case managers in the same Juvenile Justice Facility.  Rich has been my mentor and gave me the opportunity to be the team’s tech manager.  I love technology and the gadgets, cameras and devices used for investigation.  In my “spare time” when I’m not investigating with CRPT or working I am behind the camera for the Ghost Detectives TV Show.


Steve Lunger
Field Investigator

Steve is one of the newer members of the CRPT, joining his wife and daughter. At the present he is still working with different pieces of equipment and aspects of investigating and is a generalist on the team.


Rebeccalynn Towey
Field Investigator

Rebecca is a field investigator who joined the team with her Husband Joe.  She also has a sensitivity to spirits and has been learning to tune into these abilities by working with Angel during investigations.  She enjoys learning about the paranormal and is becoming familiar with the tools and techniques used to perform a successful investigation.  When not investigating Rebecca works as an IT help desk operator for a local hospital.  She also runs a successful dog grooming business and is a full time mom.

 Pearl Fanning
Field Investigator

Pearl is an avid photographer with a huge interest in the paranormal. Pearl joined the group in 2013 and quickly earned a place within the group while investigating Mansfield University's "North Hall" with Bob Christopher and the "Ghost Detectives" Cast. With a strong desire to seek out the paranormal and help people, she picked up the craft with ease.



 Amber Swartwood

Bio Coming Soon







Susan Hyatt
Core Team  Emeritus Member

Susan is one of those people who makes you feel comfortable from the moment you meet her making a valuable adjunct to the team, especially working with clients.
Although Suzie is not an active member of the team she will ALWAYS be one of us!!




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